Sensible Home Healthcare offers the following waivers:

** You must meet the criteria for the category that you are interested in receiving services for.

The services that we provide under an approved waiver include:

Personal Assistant

Having a personal assistant can be beneficial for many reasons when a person has needs that he/she are unable to get done. Our Personal Assistants are a source of ongoing support, encouragement, and comfort. The activities that personal assistants are willing to do includes:

There are times when basic care isn’t enough and you need additional assistance. Our Personal Care Assistants are trained to provide the following services:

We understand when you need that special touch and from someone, you can trust and depend on. That’s why we at Sensible Home Healthcare of here to assist you beyond basic care.

Companionship & Recreation

There are times when loneliness may set in and you feel like you need the company of someone. And, loneliness may lead to boredom, so having a companion to fill some of your days, maybe the thing you need to feel better and more energized. Loneliness and isolation are been known to lead to depression, so having someone to talk with can help. With Sensible Home Healthcare, we can HELP! We offer loving and passionate staff that will help fill those lonely moments with fun and laughter! As a team, we believe we’ll provide what you need to feel energized and fulfilled. Our staff is loving, caring, passionate and dependable. Just tell us what you need and we’ll help create activities that are right for you and keep you smiling.


We understand that some chores may become too difficult to complete, therefore, we are here to take care of some of your chores for you.

We will clean your home to give you a fresh and pleasant environment. We will do light house cleaning such as mop, sweep, vacuum, wash dishes to assist in keeping your home clean and sanitized.

Our service will do your entire laundry or just do the parts that you are unable to complete on your own. We will sort your laundry, wash, dry, neatly fold and put your laundry away. No need to stress over small tasks, when Sensible Home Healthcare can take the worry and stress out of laundry and complete the task for you. We understand that some things become too difficult to manage or accomplish, so for that reason, we work hard to make your life less stress-free! Just ask us and we’ll get the job done!


Don’t worry, if you need errands handled, we can help! Sensible Home Healthcare will provide transportation to take you where you need to go so that you may take care of your personal business.

In-Home Meal Preparation

Sensible Home Healthcare is about health and wellness and what better way to show our concern than to offer you in-home meal preparation to help you keep a balanced diet.

We know that this may be a chore that is too daunting to complete, so we are here to offer our service and to make sure you have a healthy well-balanced meal to eat and that you maintain your strength and vitality to live a good life. If you need us daily, we’ll be there or if you decide you just need a few meals a week cooked, then we’ll provide that service to you. Our services include:


This service is offered to give relief and support to families who provide care to their loved ones. We understand how providing care to a loved one may take a lot of time, care and love, so Sensible Home Healthcare allows the caregiver a chance to run errands, or attend school or work. We’ll work with the caregiver to make sure it’s a smooth and seamless transition while they are away. Trusting someone to care for your loved one can make you feel uneasy, we are here to help your caregiver feel at ease and confident that we’ll get the job done right.

Community Integration (OBRA)

We at Sensible Home Healthcare have great knowledge and experience in providing care to individuals with Disability. We understand the need for Inclusion and to remain in your community and feel a part of it! We provide supportive services to individuals with a developmental disability so they can live in the community and remain as independent as possible. Our team will work with you and/or family to develop your goals and assist you in becoming more independent.

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