The OBRA Waiver is a Home and Community-Based program that assists those with developmental disabilities obtain in-home care services to help them gain independence and increase their quality of life in their home and community.

These services are available to qualified individuals who meet the following criteria:

Our Services

As an OBRA in-home care provider, we offer home and community-based services to people with developmental physical or intellectual disabilities between the ages of 18-59. These services are meant to provide care that will allow the individual to live as independently as possible within their community and in their own home.

The services we provide for this program include:

We also aid with coordinating multiple services and offer respite care for primary caregivers as part of our OBRA provider services. With these comprehensive services and an expert staff, Sensible Home Healthcare offers disability in-home care that is structured to assist individuals in learning and developing skills to become independent and to continue maintaining that independence at home and in the community. Contact us today to learn more about our OBRA in-home care services.

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