Independent Waiver


The Independence Waiver is a Home and Community-Based program that provides non-medical services to those with a physical disability and to those who rely on medical technology to sustain life or replace vital bodily functions. This waiver allows individuals who require nursing facility level care to receive necessary services while staying in their own home and community.

This level of care is provided on an on-going indefinite basis for eligible persons who meet the following criteria:

Our Services

As an independent care provider, we provide services to assist individuals with living in the community and their home while remaining as independent as possible. These services are meant to not only provide necessary medical care but to also help individuals gain skills to thrive in the workplace and the community.

The serviceswe provide for independent care include:

We also offer service coordination assistance as well as therapeutic and counseling services to ensure complete in-home care is administered. With a focus on quality care, Sensible Home Healthcare offers comprehensive services to meet all non-medical needs. Contact us today to learn more about our independent care services.

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