Attended care


The Attendant Care Waiver is a Home and Community-Based program that provides services and assistance to individuals with physical disabilities. These in-home services provide care to individuals who require nursing level facility care. These services allow the individual to receive care in their own home and stay integrated with their own community, increasing quality of life and independence.
These services are provided to eligible individuals with physical disabilities who meet the following criteria:

Our Services

As an attended care provider, we work to provide quality non-medical services to individuals to help them live as independently as possible at home and within their community. These comprehensive services help to improve the individuals’ quality of life by assisting them with daily tasks and other aspects of independent living, enabling them to stay in their own homes and participate in their communities.

The services we provide under this program include:

Participants in this program have decision-making authority over some of their community supports, goods and other services they receive. At Sensible Home Healthcare, we provide quality care and comprehensive services to our clients can gain peace of mind when it comes to their attended care needs. Contact us today to learn more about our in-home care services.

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